Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've got nothing

Make sure you click on the links. Hopefully that will make this more entertaining, but I somehow doubt it.

Last night I received a text message that consisted more or less of "write a new blog entry dammit-please". K, so it may have said exactly that. While I am very pleased that my lack of posts would invoke such profanity (flattered....really) I am afraid that the stress that comes with the month's end at my work strips me of all my creative juices. I'm all dried up.

The friendly texter did give me some material though, so here goes......

Why are we, as a society, obsessed with staying young? Everywhere we look, there are products and invasive surgeries to aid us in this quest for eternal youth, but to what end? Have we lost the value of wisdom that comes with years? And can we not cherish the lines that make up our joys and sorrows? As Carla said so aptly on the excellent film Connie and Carla "If he doesn't love you when your face looks like a map, then tell him to hit the road!". What pearls of wisdom from a woman masquerading as a man dressed as a woman all to hide herself from a mobster. Love that movie.

Why are we terrified of aging gracefully, and why is a 27 year old guy who urges me to blog via text crippled with gerascophobia? I agree, that the idea of not being able to be as physically independent as I am now can be frightening. Especially as a single person. That thought can be crippling at times. Especially when one is contemplating there own mortality and getting older while all her other housemates may or may not have been getting some lovin. And I was in bed reading my book club book. Alone.

But all the more reason to take care of what I have now (ie: I need to work out, I can't use my past injuries as an excuse anymore, it's just sooooo hard to get started again. I used to run a lot people). I mean, look at my mother, she is a gorgeous grandmother who still gets mistaken as her daughter's sister because she has taken care of herself. But it's all natural, all her. I am all for a little cosmetic surgery as long as it doesn't take away from what you look like naturally. But my mama never needed that. :) (Mother, there is no other, in the words of Mr. T).

So yes, our mortality, it's inevitable. But the good thing there is that our own physical mortality is fleeting. Not to get all churchy on you or anything, but tis the season. Spring, of rebirth, and not only did I eat lots of candy on Easter but I did contemplate the death and resurrection that was acted as an intercessory for us all. Going on to physical perfection. Perhaps that is why we mortals seek this eternal youth. It is a misguided yearning for what God would give us freely.

As a missionary we taught an investigator from Argentina of the resurrection. Which was the deal breaker for her. She had suffered so many infirmities including eating disorders that had taught her to hate her body. She saw immortality as a punishment. It's amazing how Satan gets to us.

So, yes, probably not what you were hoping for Nate, but I posted! And hope you all enjoy the links. It's kinda like a choose your own adventure book, but not at all.


Angie said...

In my choose your own adventure, one of the endings would be me getting a boob job. Just a thought for future posts. Everyone enjoys a good boob job ending.

nate said...

I like that above your photo you tell me that I'm vain if I think that this blog is about me.

And who moderates this forum? Some of these comments (I.E. - the other one) are a little dodgy.