Friday, April 04, 2008

Al fin

At last I have figured it out. After 28 odd years (or will be 28 in T minus 16 days a-hem) I think I have mastered the art of getting men to respond to me.

See. It doesn't seem to happen all that often, and it may be all a matter of perspective (as a friend and I were discussing, when a male contacts her she automatically assumes he is interested and I automatically assume that he must be bored out of his mind). So, needless to say, I am not great at obtaining the attention that is conducive to this thing called dating. But today, of all days, a revelation was made.

See, I am without vehicle and have been surviving as such since Christmas time. And doing rather well I might add. Only have gotten myself into a few scrapes wherein I may or may not have found myself stranded. Like today. Fortunately I carpool with 2 friends and living companions to work everyday. So that's never an issue. Until one decides to meet up for a date near work after hours and the other is headed to Provo for a mission reunion (I opted out of mine this year. This blog is not big enough to list my reasons for this).

I looked to my other resources, an attorney at the office that lives nearby, friends who may or may not be in the area today, and public transportation. Which I would have resorted to (I actually love public transport, or did on my mission). Nothing was panning out. As I was on my quest I posted my status on facebook as me needing a ride home today (simply because it was my actual current state of being). Within the hour, I had two men of the male persuasion (as opposed to females of the male persuasion, or males of the female persuasion, but you never know nowadays.....a guy is pregnant in Oregon) contact me to see if they could be of assistance.

So it's official. Online Networking + Damsel In Distress = True Love. Okay, so maybe just male attention. Foolproof formula for success. At least so far. This has been a somewhat isolated case study. I will keep you posted on further developments. And will try to be in distress more often.

PS.....if you were one of the males who came to my rescue please know that your willingness to assist warmed my heart. Thank you thank you thank you.


Amanda said...

I did not know our birthdays were one day apart! Assuming my math is correct and you were born on the 20th.

Amanda said...

ok, so i just checked facebook and i think your math is off. last time i checked 16+4=20, but aparently your birthday is on the 15, still very close to mine so we can still be birthday friends.

Sarita said...

Um.....I've never pretended to be good at math, but that's just ridiculous. I don't know what I was thinking.

BagLady said...

mission reunions enter the realm of high school reunions after you've been home awhile. actually, I think there is a legit mathematical equation to the amount of time since one's mission and the pain level associated with a mission reunion.