Thursday, December 06, 2007

She's got legg......ings........And she knows how to use em.

I do have legs. And leggings. And yes, I do know how to use them. And while I may not look like these freaky freaky barbies in them, I think I pull the look off. But that's not really what this is all about. What it is about is the shame and hypocrisy that has become my existence because of said leggings.

See, while I'm all about bringing back the old, and while I really am a product of the eighties, I embrace such fashion revivals. But swore I would never give into the leggings. I believe I once stated over my dead body, and that they would never be a good look for my dead body anyhow. The stick skinny girls? Maybe. Curvaceous ones? Not so much. I agreed with such fashion pros as the gals at Go Fug Yourself as they brutally attacked celebrities for so much as thinking about wearing such atrocities. I have since decided that they were just mean and petty and all that is wrong with the world (still the Brittany journal entries are pretty fantastic).

All that said, I am not sure when or how it happened, but I am now the owner of several different lengths and colors of leggings. And wear them on a regular basis. As in, almost every work day. I don't half a** these things. I go big or go home. (Really I just think I have a bit of an obsessive personality.....when it comes to fashion). For example, today, black leggings, denim pencil skirt, nice shirt. It's all good. A co-worker actually came up to me all excited this morning because she had talked a friend into buying leggings last night. I have become legging girl. And apparently my super power is that of layering, comfort, and super elasticity. It is part of my identity, so don't mock me.

Now, family members who are reading this may be cringing, as you are not accustomed to seeing me in such contraptions, and although it was rough at the start, I believe I have mastered the art of wearing leggings for my body. In fact, when I was concerned that my legs weren't made for them, darling Sallee demonstrated to me that they show off how my legs go in above the knee, "which means you have skinny legs". Thanks Sall.
So while my family may be considering me as a candidate for what not to wear once again (seriously were going to nominate me at one point), keep this in mind: the leggings pretty much double my wardrobe possibilities, therefore cutting my shopping expenditures virtually in half. Plus, they keep me warm, plus, I like them. You gotta take risks every now and then, and sometimes they work in your favor.

As a side note, I had a dream the other night that we were at this nude family camp, only with different people who were my family, and I was so uncomfortable the entire time. And THEN, my "parents" started laying into me about my weight, how it's getting out of control. And I pleaded with them about how I had been losing if anything, and feel pretty comfortable with my body. I think that maybe there are some latent body issues in there. So validate me, and my leggings.

And lest you think I am completely superficial, I am not. Not completely. I just like fashion. As little Gracie often asks me "Sawah? Why do you like fashion so much?". I just do Gracie Girl. I just do.


Angie said...

Leggings are the future!

or the past? Well they are the present also, so what does that make them.


$teve said...

Any blog entry with a ZZ Top song reference in it, gets my Seal of Approval. Good show...and nice legs!!!

ThomCarter said...

Ummm . . . your dream totally freaks me out!!!

I think that leggings are cool and I am glad to hear that you wore pink ones with your jean skirt, jean jacket, and jelly braclets. That is HOT!

Does your family have a history of nudity?

Sarita said...

Well, I think everyone is nude at some point, but discussing my own nudity was not the point of bringing it up.

It was a dream.

Rachel said...

Hello, beautiful! Don't be shocked, but I have had a nude dream or two also. Not that PARTICULAR dream, so don't worry, I don't think it is a repressed memory or anything. blwah!

I remember that Deanne said to me about you: "she's the one your parents are going to have to worry about wanting to wear short skirts and stuff when she's a teenager." What insight she had into a leg-warmer ribbon-dancer!

(btw, Hannah calls all of Isaac's onesies his "leotards". Which always reminds me of you.)