Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Happy Snow

It has recently been brought to my attention that some individuals are concerned by my recent lack of blogging. Not only am I touched that these people actually miss my mindless ramblings, but that they care for my well being.

So, the least I can do is cater to the needs of my fans. Adoring or otherwise. Frankly, I've been in a bit of a funk as of late, without much inspiration in the blogging realm. Which is sad to me, because, my blog has always been, since the beginning, a cathartic release. The idea that some people actually enjoy it is quite the bonus. Granted, some of my adoring fans are members of my family, who have no choice but to adore me. As for the rest of you, all that I can fathom is that the garish look into my befuddled mind (as I am way too candid) is like unto a train wreck, not necessarily entertaining, or pleasant, and yet you can not look away. Whatever your reasons may be, a big thank you goes out from the depths of my heart.

Pretty much since the Thanksgiving season, I have been a big sappy ball of grateful for the blessings in my life. If you don't believe me, just ask my friends who have had to endure my constant reminders that I love them. So, despite the crazy that current stresses has brought out in me, I remain profoundly aware of the positive influences and support in my life. From my excellent family, to the beautiful happy happy snow.

My mother called this weekend, and Mom, I actually hesitated in answering the phone as I was sure that you were concerned that I hadn't called in nearly a week, which probably an attempt to avoid becoming weepy Sarah as I have been just pushing through for sometime now. I'm glad that I did though. Just the sound of your voice brings solice to my sometimes troubled heart. And when you tell me stories about your crazy coworkers, and your sarcastic (but not in the vindictive sense) response to their emails, I am reminded of where my silly mind came from. I have a funny funny mother, who never ceases to make me laugh.

I am grateful for those who appreciate me for all that I am. And not solely for my diplomatic approach to life and social situations. There is nothing like being seen for who you are, and loved all the same.

So thank you family and friends. All loved ones. For being who you are, and sharing that with me. I am richer for it.

PS....Sorry for having to endure another sappy blog. I'm sure that is not what you were waiting for, but it's kind of where my brain is right now.


ThomCarter said...

It's good to be grateful!

Mikie said...

"I'm sure that is not what you were waiting for, but it's kind of where my brain is right now."

I'll take what I can get. You're kinda sneaky... like, I'll check regularly and see no new posts. Pretty much the day I stop checking you post something. Sneaky. I should just start using those feed readers...