Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sometimes I wear skirts to work

First things first. When you work in a windy windy little portion of Utah (why is Lehi so windy?) cute little dresses that are ultra feminine and are skirted with ample lightweighted material are a death wish. I gave somebody a great show I am sure as I managed to walk awkwardly to the car while clutching my skirt for dear life. Literally had to lean my backside against the car and hold my purse against the front of me to find my keys without flashing anyone. Coming out of the gas station with my soda posed a whole new problem. I felt a little like Marilyn Monroe only not so glamorous and more so just awkward while holding down my skirt with one hand and trying to manage my wispy hair (as my hair refuses to all stay put) and hold a large Diet Coke with the other. It was hot I tell ya. (And I havent had a soda in three days, so be proud of me. Well, a little last night, but it was half a glass and totally flat...which hardly counts).

So hot that a nice african american gentleman who looked a little like a basketball player paid tribute. And before you think me the type that just stereotypes people based on their race, it wasnt so much because he was black but more so that he was wearing a basketball jersey over his shirt and tie. Granted, I'm not sure that he even saw my struggles, but still that did not keep him from holding out his thumb and pinky in the universal phone sign (or hang loose to you surfin folks, or with a little wiggle, the asl sign for yellow) and mouthed "call me" in my direction. He must not have realized that I did not have his number. Ah well, it's the thought that counts, right?

My life is complete. Or rather my afternoon.


ThomCarter.com said...

Nothing like living in the desert. Hot and windy.

Here it is hot and humid and all the subways are flooded because of the wicked rainstorm.

Sarita said...

While I realize that Utah is technically a desert, I don't really consider it as such. Coming from Vegas and all. Where the wind and the heat are so much worse.

So I really don't know what I'm complaining about. Thanks for putting it all in perspective Thom.

Rachel said...

Hear the wind blow blow, hear the wind blow blow, hear it moan, hear it roar, hear it cry...

Hear the wind blow blow hear the wind blow blow, aren't you glad you are getting checked out!

That's always been one of my favorite songs. And personally, I like to wear my clown suit over my regular clothes, but that doesn't necessarily make me a clown and it doesn't necessarily make me Caucasian. Have a little sensitivity, please!

Britten said...

You are sooooo hot.

One time I was acting like The Little Mermaid in the pool at the Glenwood and tried to do one of those hair whips she does when she comes out of the water. My swimming suit failed to hold my boobs in and I totally flashed my then boyfriend, William. *Just keep frolicing and pretend like that DID NOT just happen.*

Don't be worried over unintentional flashing - sounds like any male onlooker is thankful for a cheap thrill.

Sneakers said...

Unfortunately, men are always up for cheap thrills. At least you chose to be flattered instead of offended.

Rachel said...

Britten, you have been doing that little mermaid bit for a LONG time. Please tell me you're still doing it.