Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Freaks and Geeks and Ryan Adams

I'm sleepy. Might have something to do with me watching the entire series (there was sadly only one season) of Freaks and Geeks every night until about 2am (or later). But I was editing photos the whole time, so totally justified. And I am totally sleep deprived. And totally disapointed. Watched the last disk last night. Kinda sad, I need some closure. And I think I might be in love with Bill Haverchuck. And I would have posted pictures if all the technical gods hadnt unleashed all their terrible wrath on my computer.

I also went to the Ryan Adams concert last night. It was fun and lame. I would expound, but I'm too tired. Just read the accounts of others like Angie. And my computer isnt working correctly, so I cant link it. You'll just have to click on Life and Times over there to your right.

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Britten said...

And I'm totally loving the song on your friends blog. You look ravishing in the picture!