Monday, July 16, 2007

the suvi parade

That's right. We sent Miss Suvi off in style with her own lil parade. The video is compliments of Sarah Monson. Suvi means sunshine which just makes sense. Or Sport Utility Vehicles International. Take yer pick. We support polluting the environment. (I'm pretty sure most of our spectators were trying to figure out what the Finnish name was an acronym for, and what we were supporting with this parade.

The parade was a big success I think. We had a decent turnout and people seemed to really get into it. I only lament that our small marching band wasn't able to make it until we finished, but they provided us with a great lil grand finale.

Suvi will be sorely missed in the SLC.


Rachel said...

looks like so much fun!!!!

lilcis said...

Sorry, I'm as confused as the bystanders. What exactly were you celebrating?

Potcherboy said...

So was she banished for something?

f*bomb. said...

I love, love, LOVE this song- it is the ultimate happy-time-sunshine-hour-of-summertime song! And I keep recognizing people in it---was that J.Thomas in the stripes? And D.Dayton in the chickenhead? *sigh!* How I would have loved dancing in your makeshift parade!

Sarita said...

Yes, I know, it is confusing for people that I dont know. But it's really very simple: My friend Suvi is moving to NY. We threw her a farwell parade. It's just that simple.

And miss Farrah, it seems we know the same chicken clad people and ergo should be friends.