Friday, July 20, 2007


Last night was really surreal and great. As Angie put staying out on a school night. You know the feeling. There was really great music. Hoards of people that at least one of us great girls knew. Some friendlier than others. And dancing. Don't forget the mad mad dancing in the warm summer air. I danced myself silly, which I've needed for sometime. I love how people give me surprised and pleasantly amused when they see me get down. I am slightly reserved usually, but the when the music plays, the ryhthm is sure to get me.

We danced with new found friends. And when it was decided that it was time for our tired bones to call it a night, it didnt take long for us all to be convinced to get some late-ish sushi at the circle lounge. Now I had never been there before, but for you who are is very loung-ey and circl-ey. And was empty. We sprawled out on our big red couch and giggled like school girls and boy. And shared realy good sushi. Yum. In retrospect, one might wonder if there was a little too much inhaling of the second hand smoke from some of our neighbors at the show. They apparently didnt read the signs.

As the sushi disapearred and we sat tired and warm and happy, we were steered through hallways to an enclosed outdoor spot that is probably too cool for the likes of me. More sitting on red couches, but this time listening to a chill band that included an old coworker of mine who was a pleasure to catch up with.

I was sad when the night came to an end, but we still clicked up our heels (literally), and I even rolled my ankle. Ankles fine, skin that the pavement removed, not so much.

My favorite part still might be the bug that got a little fresh with my cleavage on TRAX. Dove right on down and had to fished out in the only classiest of public bug cleavage retreaval.

I love good people who love other good people and are good fun together. Really. Kindred. Spirits.

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Angie said...

One of the best nights ever. Seriously.