Wednesday, July 18, 2007

High Maintenance

Sometimes I fear that I am incredibly high maintenance. And sometimes I think I am the lowest maintenance person I know. And sometimes I am just in between. Balance is good.

So what exactly does high maintenance mean? Does the fact that I try to make myself as presentable and lacking of bodily odor as possible make me high maintenance? Okay, if that doesn't qualify, how bout my obsession with my red nails as of late? (Seriously, buy stock in red nail polish) Or liking to take my time getting ready in the morning? The fact that I really do enjoy shopping? Is that bad? Even though I try to regulate it so as not to get out of control?

Apart from the superficial, I think I am pretty independent, but when I get attached to someone, I do have needy moments. But who doesn't want to be needed? I am sometimes reserved, but can easily mesh with about any group. Relate on some level if you will. I am up for just about anything. Impromptu parade anyone? I'm there.After much reflection, I think I am doing okay. I take care of my appearance, but have been known to skip a shower for convenience purposes. I prefer working toilets, but can brave an outhouse while camping with the best of them. I prefer a comfy bed with yes, many pillows, but the ground suits me just fine if the situation calls for it. I can be ready to go at a moments notice, and generally do not get upset over trivial things. In fact, I don't get upset over much at all. Intolerant and inconsiderate people irk me to no end, but otherwise, I'm pretty easy going.

I used to be ashamed of my girly-ness, but have since embraced it. I love that some friends like to borrow my clothes and ask my opinion on things. And I like to create pretty things. Hence the immortal words of my 5 year old niece: Sawah.....why do you like fashion so much? I just do child, I just do.

So I am creating a new category of the Moderate Maintenance breed. This is going to be big.


Mikie said...

Moderation in all things... I like. I think I need to be higher maintenance.

So how long do you spend in the bathroom getting ready in the morning? I think that could be an indicator of "how high" maintenance someone is.

I also think high maintenance people constantly worry about their appearance instead of just getting it right and then being confident the rest of the day. They have routine visits to tanning salons and can't wear the same combination of clothing ever, and hence buy new outfits and accessories *all* the time. I sometimes wonder if being high maintenance is sometimes a mask for some form of insecurity.

I'd never guess Sarah was high maintenance (based on attitude... not physical appearance, of course ;) ) To me there's a difference between classy / stylish and high maintenance.

Sneakers said...

Being emotionally high maintenance is SOOO much worse than being appearance high maintenance.

Potcherboy said...

As one married to a Jones girl, I must comment on your being able to sleep on the ground. As I have noticed, ALL Jones girls have the INCREDIBLE ability to sleep where they drop. Uncanny.