Monday, July 02, 2007


There is nothing quite as sobering and inspirational as watching those who have lost someone dear to them be so courageous and have such peace of mind. I realize that there is an element of survival that kicks in, still, I wonder how well I would handle such loss.

My darling roommate's brother lost his wife and 2 children in the Layton car accident of last Thursday. One other child is still in critical condition and their oldest is recovering from some pretty bruised lungs among other things. I have been poignantly impressed with the perspective this family has maintained in the face of such a life altering tragedy. Yesterday, the house was filled with shifts of people coming to eat and to rest for a bit away from the hospital, and it hit me what they were really dealing with. I could hardly contain my emotions in just seeing how they have banded together for this man (and he is a man in the true sense) that is dealing the best that he can, and has stayed so strong for his children that remain in the mortal sense.

The amazing thing is, 8 year old Esther who was taken off life support on Saturday, was able to act as an organ donor for other children in need. Through their example, other families who had lost children last week and who had struggled with that same decision were greatly influenced. The hospital staff has expressed their gratitude for not only doing such a wonderful thing but by being an incredible inspiration to others and in turn potentially saving the lives of many children.

It's hard to know what to do in these situations other than offer your support. You cant take it away. I am just glad that they find comfort in knowing of their Heavenly Father's eternal plan for their family. Ben knows that their family unit has not changed.

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