Thursday, June 28, 2007

Note to self

Please oh please remember to not inadvertently hit print on the web page (and not notice that you did so) open to LDS Linkup while at work in your relatively new employment. This will not end well.

Accept the fact that you enjoy catcalls. Acting righteously indignant is all a ruse and you know it. You have every right to appreciate being appreciated. Own it.

When the man 20 years your senior who is pumping gas opposite you offers to get you something because he is headed inside, it is probably because he is one of the last good ones who isn't afraid to be polite and gentlemanly with strangers. He probably did not have mal intent even though he did push getting you a water or something. Still, genuinely expressing your gratitude and saying no thank you though was the right thing to do because there are some scary people out there. Also, it can make your day.

When the new chiropractor doing your re exam reminds you of a tan Pee Wee Herman, continuously refers to you as girl (as in you can disrobe now, girl), looks you up and down and then decides that he will need you in a gown to do your nerve tests(,girl), and turns around after the receptionist comments that she likes your shirt and says I have to get a load of this, you have every right to be skeezed out by his smarmy-ness. Even if it is only because he has a poor perception of social propriety while a girl is wearing practically nothing.....but a gown.

When you are already having difficulties trying to find your kitty a home, this is not the time to become complacent about her venturing outside when she may or may not be in heat. The result may be more kitties.

That will be all.

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