Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just like riding a bike

Well I hope the old mantra holds true about riding bikes, because it's been awhile for me. And seeing as how the car is all the way dead, I am determined to save money for a bit by relying on public transport and the hand me down bike that is on it's way next week. I've actually been quite excited for this. Apart from the saving of fundage, I like the idea of simplifying my life. It doesn't see so simple as transport wont be as swifty as before, but it also wont be filled with unnecessary things. I can take time to smell the roses so to speak. I look forward to my commute on trax and the bus and all the reading I will get in. Not to mention the exercise. Oh the exercise! Being more active. I always think about back in the day when people didn't go to the gym because life was exercise in itself. Not that I don't love modern conveniences, but we could have a happy medium. Being more active is good. I think that living in Vegas made me more stagnant. Yes there are plenty of people there who get there exercise and I was one of them: running in over 100 degrees at 6am. Still, I actually like being outside here. So that's a plus.

Only problem with this whole deal is I feel a little like I am giving up my independence. I will relying on others for rides on occasion. If I need to run somewhere during my lunch break....not so convenient. Still, I am ignoring the panic attacks and staying positive. This will be some kind of wonderful. Which is also a good 80's movie.


Rachel said...

I'm so proud of you for living the dream!!!

Matt and Kimberly said...

You should get a cute basket and a bell for your bike. That would be so cool! You would look so stylish riding around in the avenues. Sadly, the bike I once had with a basket and bell disappeared. Your cuz, Kimberly

Sarita said...

If I could have it my way I would get me a snazzy new or old beach cruiser in a heartbeat. Travel in style.

So sad. I loved that bike something fierce. And you riding it. For some reason that reminds me of you coming home on various occasions and telling me how you fell on campus again. Not on the bike though. While walking.

LuLuBelle said...

I saw a bike at work today that you should have. I could have stolen it for you but decided against was that old school style and it a pink seat and a pink stripe on the inside of the tire...very retro and girly. It's not about how you look on the bike though --or is it?