Thursday, July 12, 2007

I work out: Day 4

Yeah, I work out. Sally, being the health guru of the household and a complete rockstar who rode the Little Red Riding Hood century with pretty much no training AND who's sister is getting married in 3 weeks minus 4 days has put us all on a Wedding Bootcamp Makeover regime in preparation. So she can feel and look darn good. Complete with chart and smiley faced stickers for completion of several daily categories. So far my chart is looking pretty happy. This works pretty great for me as I have been needing a little motivation to get back in the swing of things since I have been officially released from treatment. That is right folks. I think I will do a somersault. Why? Because I can! Cartwheel? No, never been able to do those things. So I have commenced with the running and the flaming abdominal workout as I don't quite know how to ease into things. My abs may or may not be burning at the moment, and my legs may or may not be jelly. And I may or may not love it. I need this on occasion to remind me that it feels good to be active and not eat crap that makes me feel crappy. For example, I am loving me a little sugar snap peas and hummus right now, and feel super fantastic. See the correlation?

And I realize that I have not chronicled days 1-3 of the bootcamp but that is simply because I was too busy working out. Because I do that.

In unrelated news: I love my nieces.

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Rachel said...

I work out too. I have cool nieces too, but I don't get to sleep in the same bed with them--apparently this is a blessing. We should get together sometime--it sounds like we have a lot in common.