Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slumber Parties

Despite common belief, I have never attended a slumber party that consisted of scantily dressed women and pillow fighting. Unless you count elementary school, but it that case they were girls, and not women, and I wore things like Dad's vintage BYU football t-shirt as a nightgown. (The same one that I wear with pants in present time). I am still a fan of slumber parties.

The ones of yore were a little stressful for me as I was shy and concerned about fitting in. Not so concerned to the point that I wouldn't try out my own little fashion experiments like wearing coolly designed band-aids on my denim shorts. I was a fashionista even then, slightly misguided as I was. (Gracie randomly asked me the other day why I like fashion so much...apparently the little girls comment on that every time they see something cool and different, that I would like it because I like fashion). Need I remind you all that I was trying to fit with the girls wearing LA Gear and Guess matching short suits, you know the ones. And I put band aids on my cutoffs. Those slumber parties were not so fun considering that dynamic and the scary stories about china dolls who came to life after dark and had nails that grew really long and then they killed people with them. That was a long night for me.

I like the slumber parties of my later adolescence and adulthood better. Seriously, there is something about girl time that is definitely unique in of itself and just gets me all excited. Perhaps that is because I lived with a bunch of girls. Who didn't go to sleep. So pretty much every night was a slumber party in our house. Given all this, the lack of slumbering in slumber parties pretty much puts me in my element.

Last night, around midnight, Nellene and I crawled into Ashley's bed and gabbed until Sally finally made it home and then we all gabbed some more. This coming Friday will yield the ultimate slumber party with some of my very favorite people. Sleeping under the stars, good food, and good girly fun. Nothing like a bunch of grown professional super cool women having a sleep over to make the summer all it can be. I might just have to start a pillow fight and wear the BYU t-shirt as a nightgown for good measure.


SummerChild said...

Dear Sarita. Let's play MASH at the sleepover, k? I hope I get to marry Nick* (not his real name, just in case someone gets this note). Soooooo glad our parents are letting us get together!!!! Can you bring the red nailpolish? We'll probably have to bring nailpolish remover too because my mom will NEVER let me out of the house with red nails. Maybe I can get away with red toenail polish as long as I wear socks at home and change into sandels outside. OMG this is going to be sooooo FUN! Frances lives in like, the best house ever, and her Uncle Bob is never home, so we can stay up until the sun comes up. Should we tell the boys? They might tp the house. Which would be cool because that means they TOTALLY like us.
K.I.T, Suvi
ps. burn this note after you read it so no one else will see it.

Sarita said...

Dear Suvi,

Consider it burned. I totally hope the boys come because I have a crush on you know who. And can't wait for the slumber party but watch out, Frances is always freezing people's underwear.



Jessica said...

Please don't wear the grey BYU shirt as a nightgown....

A S H O L I N A said...

as the resident piromaniac i would like to take charge of any and all flame throwing, note burning parties. :) seriously. was i really considering NOT coming to this thing?! WHAT was i thinking?! (Ok, I have to stop this "I'm trying to type like a teenager with little to no punctuation and incorrect capitalizations... I can't do it anymore!) Count me in for whatever night we're doing this friggin' awesome slumber party with my most favorite women in the universe. How did I become so lucky to have such awesome roommates, and friends?!?!?!