Friday, June 15, 2007

Pro and Con

Pro: my lips that threaten to take over the universe. I embrace them.
Con: sometimes when I decide to concentrate, I purse my lips and it looks like I'm puckering up.

Pro: I'm chill.
Con: I just agreed to be set up with an acquaintance of a coworker I barely know. Dangerous ground. ***UPDATE***coworker just reluctantly told me that she called and he is sorta dating someone.....sigh.....

Pro: A guy gives unsolicited info regarding how men are intimidated by independent confident women because "we" see through their normal tricks.
Con: I'm not always sure I fall into that category and if I do, it doesn't change matters. Unless I try acting helpless.

Pro: I am an open book, ask and ye shall receive.
Con: I lack a censor that I sometimes need very badly.

Pro: We get to stay in the house while it is being sold, so at least for the summer.
Con: The future is uncertain.

Pro: I go to see movies about Rwandan genocide and am all informed and not ignorant.
Con: I don't know what to do with this information and am left a little hollow inside.
Pro: I come to the conclusion that the little things and precious time in life is important and should not be wasted in mindless unimportant things. I find inspiration in the words of survivors and find new life in life. I begin to more and more see the lifeless for just that.


Hobo said...

What a candid and inspirational post. I think we have some things in common, my friend.

Natalie Black said...

I like the "open book" part. I think I'm the same way, as you probably learned at dinner and the tavernacle. :) Scares some people...