Monday, June 18, 2007

Father, I love you

I had a short conversation with my father yesterday. Called to wish him a happy Fathers Day and all. The topic quickly turned to how I was doing. Answering questions regarding how the car is running, how the computer is working, how work is shaping up. Pretty typical really. Dad knows how to take care of his girls. And when I tried to tell him what a great father he is, I received a rebuttal of "having children like you makes everyday like father's day". I just can't win with that man. And I love him.

Dad, just know that I see you for all your qualities and think that you are just what a man ought to be. Your tireless efforts to provide for your girls both temporally and spiritually have paid off. I credit our strong family unit to my parents, the joint incredible example, balanced devotion to the gospel, and love for each other. Your acceptance of others has steered me in my social interactions. Yesterday in RS we spoke of the attributes of integrity. I thought of you as each one was mentioned. Your love of people, and consistency in taking responsibility for yourself and teaching us to do likewise. Despite the many instances in business and otherwise when offense would have been merited, you remained calm. I was thinking about that yesterday. Throughout all of that, I do not recall you complaining of those who have cheated you. Maybe lamenting the situation, but nothing beyond that. I love that given our similar personalities (and appearance, seriously I am the female version of my father) that you try to steer me clear of making mistakes that you have lived through. But still are gentle and understanding when I do. I could go on, but words cannot express the gratitude and love I hold in my heart for my father.

Besides which, you are one handsome devil.

Happy Father's Day.

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