Friday, June 08, 2007

Peek A Boo

Peepshow, creepshow where did you get those eyes?

Wednesday was my weekly trip to the massage therapist. Yes, weekly. But she only works on my trouble area of my neck for some 20-30 minutes, lest you think me spoiled. I walked into the physical therapists office and was checking in when the little girl who was sitting on the floor of the waiting room with her coloring book leaned over and was staring at my toes. I was wearing my usual peep toe flats that I have fallen in love with and my toes were/are painted a Red Apple Red (at least that's what OPI calls it). Assuming that she was enthralled by the color of my nails, I asked her sweetly if she liked them.

She looks up at me with a matter of fact expression and dryly says, "No, I thought you only had 2 toes".


Rachel said...

gotta love kids and their honesty. That's why it is so great to get a compliment from them. Yesterday Hannah and Lily told me how beautiful I looked in my new bathing suit. Hey, I take it where I can get it!!

beans said...

that's great. don't we all wish we could be that would be a lot funnier.

Britten said...

Went back a read through most of your posts. You are so dang funny! And lead such an interesting life! I wish would could hang out more...

BTW, I love the references to our videos of yore. times!

I thoroughly enjoyed your post about the conversations you have about your marital status and tact. I used your list of funny responses in my Sunday lesson today. This particular part of the lesson was on having good manners, especially when one is trying to share the gospel. I told my class to make sure they didn't say dumb "mormonish" things, even to fellow members, like "Why aren't you married yet?" or, the other line that may be waiting further down the road for you, "So when are you guys having kids?"

Anyway, they got a kick out of your "goal of becoming an old maid" one... Thanks for being so funny and clever!

Sarita said...

Wow, I feel so famous being quoted in a lesson all the way in sunny CA.