Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trophy Wife in Training, Love

Sallee coaxed me into being the 4th in her little doubles tennis match this past weekend. Despite my desperate pleads to exclude me since I haven't played tennis since early high school years and I was terrible. So being the pushover I am (the girls are loving that they can talk me into almost anything....not so much a pushover as easy going....yeah, that's it). I am pleased to announce that to start, I actually only swung my bat, er racket in the air hitting nothing a few times before actually making contact with the green fuzzy sphere like objects flying at me. Never you mind that half the time they went sailing to the left and way outside the court thingy. The girls were darling and patient and by the end of our lazy game, Sallee insisted that we stay so I could practice serving. Which I did. We are planning on having morning time lessons as soon as she completes the Little Red Riding Hood 100 mile bike ride which Frances informed us that the lil ol lady that registered her informed her that it would make her a "shit kicker". (I have secret ambitions to become one myself, but next year). So, we shall get up earlyish to make me proficient in the art of tennis playing. "Because how else can we expect to be trophy wives if we can't play tennis?" -Sallee

Almost forgot the most important part. It was cold out when we were playing. So cold even that it began to snow. I was not particularly dressed for the weather as I had been trying to rearrange the loveliness above our super high cupboards and working up a glisten prior.... and thought it was much warmer. But we were not deterred. Basically pioneers. Or shit kickers. Take yer pick.


Rachel said...

TENNIS? I've never heard of that! Is that some strange Canadian or Latin American sport you learned on your mission? You sure are a pioneer in the Jones Family! Keep up the strange avenues of physical activity and you'll be a trophy wife for sure.

Rachel said...

One of my all time favorite roommates loved to play tennis. She had a goal that if she played enough, she would be allowed to reward herself with a really cute tennis outfit. Her tennis outfit was really cute. Maybe you and Sallee could get MATCHING tennis outfits!

christina said...

i was going to comment, but I guess this post is reserved for rachel comments only. bummer.

Sarita said...

Rachels just like me is all.

And I'm seriously digging the tennis oufit idea. But I will have to get good before I can rock the short short skirt.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your co-habitants are cool! You sound lively and refreshed and happy. I'm glad.
Former neighbor at 42 Cypress

LuLuBelle said...

I agree with the mysterious anonymous former 42 Cypress neigbor.