Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's Get Physical

I have been impressed, nay, inspired by my new found housemates and their devotion to the well being of their bodies. Sure, they relent on occasion when I push ice cream or the occasional Cafe Rio on them. Who wouldn't? Although I did express my concern for Sallee's priorities when she tuned down the CR for her brother's birthday. Shameless. Other than that....inspired. Moved. To action quite possibly . I have not been particularly active for quite some time it feels (due to the car accident) and miss it. Sallee's pushing for at least the 5k in the Race for the Cure in the coming weeks. Sadly, given my recent lethargy, I don't know if my body will be ready for it. I will do a little test run this weekend to see where I am at. Again, the marvel that is Sallee is extremely dedicated to her workouts and splendid diet. I, on the other hand, have taken to the convenient and cheap and lazy. This needs to change.

And change it has.....a little. In that following our roommate prayer, Sallee leads us in Roommate Abs. She's a ball buster. And I'm feeling it. We are considering producing our very own workout video by that title. Not unlike the Jones girl's workout videos of yore.

*Dream Sequence*

Us girls, Britten, and a variety of other friends in 80's leotards, tights, and side ponytails.
The Hooked on Classics record playing in the background as Britten leads in facial exercises.
Cats flying through hoops. It would have been pretty impressive if you couldn't see the hands at the edge of the screen tossing the poor felines.
I think the leg warmers were my favorite.


So Sallee, thank you for that. And Sweet Ash, thanks for being an hard ash when it comes to stretching when you took your turn leading Roommate Abs.
Even when the exercise is so awkward that Nelly suggests it feels like being in labor. As if any of us know. You all are so good, I don't know what to do with myself but go outside and run. Or walk to work like Ash (although walking to Lehi might take me a tad longer than to South Temple). and Nellene! I love that you go running in the morning while taking breaks to smell the flowers and finally get to work at 10:30.

Let's get physical, physical.


christina said...

i've missed you! And it sounds like this new house is wonderful. In so many ways. yay Sarah! :)

Rachel said...

I was just thinking of that movie we made!! Hannah was saying she wants to make a dancing video like my workout video (which I haven't done for a LONG time) because she "doesn't know how to dance." I guess that is why she thinks I watch the workout video. Because I "Don't know how to work out."

Mikie said...

I don't know if this is what was intended, but the "Let's get physical" title just reminds me of So I Married an Ax Murderer... you know, Mike Meyers as an old Scottish dude singing "If you want my body..." to the bagpipes ;)

Glad the new place is treating you well :)

Potcherboy said...

Keep working on that 5K running goal. I started running them a few years ago and can't get enough of them. Well, until it gets too hot or cold, anyway. Keep on working!

Sarita said...

I adore that video, but not so much as the Cinderella one were Jess plays prince charming, Rachel-Cinderella, Britten-the big bad wolf lost in the wrong fairytale, an avacado-the pumpkin, our fancy computer chair that makes you kneel-the carriage, and Christina and myself-townspeople pretending to play the piano when it fact it was "Hooked on Classics" record playing.

Mikie....I was going a little more for Olivia Newton John....