Monday, April 16, 2007

A good year

I'm not a big birthday person. Other people's birthdays are fun to celebrate, but apart from the kiddies, our family has never been real good at the birthday stuff. Not that we fail to recognize them or anything, it's just that everyday is a party for the Jones clan so whats the big deal? Something like that. (Side note.....none of my sisters called me yesterday, and they are in trouble.....not that much since I forget sometimes too despite my fervent efforts to plan ahead and send them something creative and exciting every year). Otherwise, as much as I like to be remembered, the attention still makes me a lil uncomfortable. Still. For some unforeseen reason, this birthday was great.

Really didn't see it panning out as such since my roommate still isn't speaking to me, but with all the changes happening in my life in the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to year #27 of Sarah's life.

My soon to be roommates proved their worth by throwing me an impromptu shindig with some friends, and several people I have never met. It was great fun.

Francis (awesome journalist who seems to know all the same people as me, but we had never crossed paths): So the scientist isn't coming tonight.
Sally: What's his problem?
Francis: He's too busy doing science.....seriously, that's what he said. I asked him if science will love him back. Because I would if he'd let me. He's moving to China anyway.
Ash: Will China love him back.
Francis: No, but I can't make him see this. Because he's always too busy doing science.

Francis: So I know this dude that's busy writing a thesis disproving time travel. Maybe it's just me, but is that wholly necessary?
Me: Yeah that seems like a waste of time. Now if it were a theory punching holes in the theory of the flux capacitor or something, maybe. but just time travel in general?
Francis: Yeah, I could sum up that thesis pretty fast.

Chris (seen around but never met....awesome chops, FedEx deliverer who has a band inspired by the Cure): You really should come to our ward.
Me: I know, I've thought about switching back over, but I just was called to the RS Presidency, I think I'm stuck for awhile.
Chris: Just give em your 2 weeks.
Me: Yeah. I'll do that.
Chris: Seriously! When I applied to the Elders quorum presidency, they were all about having to give your two weeks. But then I didn't even get the job.
Me: That's too bad.
Chris: Yeah, but I got the position in the activities committee and it pays pretty well.
Me: In what?
Chris: Money? Every 2 weeks, I get my check. Like clock work.
Me: Sorry, dumb question apparently.

(We got on this whole naked/flashing people story stint for awhile)

Francis: When I moved into this flat in London, they were in the middle of doing all this construction and the ceiling in our bathroom had a hole right above the toilet. Like a sane person I assumed that they would notify me before coming in to fix it, or you know, knock on the bathroom door....instead, one day I was sitting there, minding my own business when a head emerged from the hole and said in a British accent, "Sorry, you almost done?".
Me: No way.
Francis: We kept an umbrella by the toilet after that.

I then related my flashing the missionaries story. They found it amusing. Chris informed me that I was a blessing to their missions. Good to know.

Yeah, I think the new digs will suit me wonderfullly.


Kim said...

hi.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i'm sad that no one called you.

my bracelet blog has been changed.

why are you changing roommates?

i'm glad you'll be looking forward to your new housing arrangement.

love you Sarah......

Jessica said...

I called!! You didn't answer!! I didn't leave a message because I was going to try again later and have the kids sing, but then we had major kid meltdown trauma and I forgot till it was 11pm, now that I know you were at your party, I probably still could have reached you. Happy birthday anyway!

Rachel said...

I feel like Fritz when he used to slink out the door on his belly with his tail between his legs when dad yelled at him. Sorry. I'm glad it was still happy without me!

stace said...

yeah, I realized a few years ago that no one cares about my bday like I do. I have kind of turned into a birthday bah humbug since then. Life.