Thursday, April 12, 2007

Choose your own adventure

Do you remember those books? I loved those books. I caught myself wishing my life was one of them today so I could just read the endings and go back to figure out which choices got me there. But then I remembered that I never did that. Out of principle. I also am not one who reads endings of regular non-choose your own adventure books before starting them. Because it ruins the experience. And I do not understand those people. Nor those who constantly have to know what's happening during a movie that you've seen before them. I don't like the endings ruined for me. Sure I might conclude that so and so is going to die, or fall for whats her name, or end up being evil, but I keep it all to my lonesome. That way, when the movies over and I say I knew that was going to happen, people can look at me like I'm lying and not actually that smart. But I will know better.

It's a matter of principle I tell you.

Then I remembered that sometimes I did go back and read the ending on the sly because I didn't like the ending I got. I'm not sure who I was hiding it from, only fooling myself really, but there you have it. Perhaps I'm not as principled as I thought. On that note, I've also cheated at Bingo.....when there was no real prize. Not recently, but I have.

This all makes me wonder what would have happened if I had cash last night as I was leaving the grocery store and had actually given some to the guy with the sign standing at the exit of the parking lot. I wished that I had, because he was smiling, and whistling, and playing with a yo-yo. Not your run of the mill beggar. No false pretenses there. He was whistling as he worked. I know so many (including myself as of late) who can't muster up a simple smile as they sit in their cushy offices with their fancy swingline staplers.

Moral of the story? I forget. Except for the fact that there is joy in the journey. (Isn't that an EFY song? I never went but my sisters all did.......perhaps this is why I'm still single, the EFY factor....its all making sense now).

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Rachel said...

I bet you could still sneak into EFY.