Monday, February 05, 2007

Why must we go to extremes

I'm afraid that my parents may have just about lost all hope.
For me.
Sunday morning, my phone rings.
I miss the call.
It was my dad.
So I call him back.
Mom and Dad were coming back from a cruise and Dad accidentally called me as he was giving this "guy" my number.
He went on to explain what a great "guy" and how cool he is.
He then informed me that he is 70 years old.
And married.

Yes, all hope, lost.

Okay, so they weren't trying to hook us up or anything, (they aren't that far gone, yet) it was all for very legitimate reasons. Just not presented as such.

PS....I am at this very moment listening to Michael Buble singing Try A Little Tenderness. This song always reminds me of Britten. Because I remember going to some of her competitions with DeeDee and the routine to this song. Takes me back.


Jessica said...

The whole idea of dad setting you up with a 70 year old....SHUDDER!!

Sarita said...

You're telling me. Almost worse than being hit on by one.

LuLuBelle said...

Sarah where are you? I look forward to reading your daily's been days, I'm feeling deprived.
And by the was not a set-up, he's a great teacher, does firesides and whatnot....thought you might like to go hear him sometime.

Britten said...

Thanks for the shout out! Ah, yes, the "Tenderness" show...that one kicked my butt. Ironically...

70 year olds? yew!