Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Robbing the cradle

I think that maybe I need an avenue in which I might meet people older than myself. And by people, I mean men.

The last date I went on with someone who was about a year and a half younger than myself kept marveling at my age, and the fact that I'm a return missionary. To the point that I was a tad annoyed. But not so much as when he remarked that he liked that I was older because he felt like I could take care of him.

At which point I noted that I wasn't about to be his mother.

the end


Jessica said...

Good Job sarah! No Mama's boys! Was this cafe rio date boy...when I called you?

Sarita said...

No and no. When you called me at CAfe Rio I was alone, but when you called me at another eating establishment and I couldnt talk, that was a date.

And not him. :)

Britten said...

Okay...that guy is amazingly stupid! Who in their right mind says that?

So...please say this other date above was a little classier.

Sarita said...

Yes, he also kept fawning over how much he liked me (which im really not accumstomed to) and then when I jokingly said that he doesnt even know me, if acts genuinely hurt and asks "Well, dont you like ME?"

So I guess that kind of guy.

And the other one was classier, a year older, okay, and a tad efeminate. Dont know about that one. There's something about a guy that crosses his legs more delicately than I do that doesnt quite do it for me.

Britten said...


Yick! To the leg crosser.

Yeah, don't even go there. Turn and run. Actually, maybe go buy some shoes with him first, perhaps get your hair done together...he may make quite the platonic gay...I mean GUY friend.

But if not, then run.

Did I tell you already that I went back to all the posts on this page and made comments? Just thought you would like to know, cuz hey, I would like to know if it were me.

Sarita said...

I know! I saw! But thanks for the 411 Britten.

.....he did have good shoes on....