Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Sweet Parents

They really are good looking aren't they? Mom still gets asked if her daughters are her sisters. But apart from that, they are just all kinds of wonderful. I love these pictures. They kept joking that they felt like they were engaged all over again, and acted like it as well.

I recall in younger years feigning disgust at their displays of affection, but deep down I knew I was a fraud. Truth be told, my adolescent protests to their kissing, dipping, etc, were mere cherades in order to cover the comfort and warm fuzziness of such evidence of their love for each other.

Not only did I get their good genes, but a great example in love.

I know, I know........enough already Sarah. No worries, I'm done. But don't even try and tell me that such pictures don't induce similar behavior in others. I'm guessing. And done.

PS....just got off the phone with my father. He's in town, and we are to have a Cafe Rio "date" this evening. At least someone is willing to take me out. :)


LuLuBelle said...

I like the pics sarah...that makeup does make me look younger. I just got mine in the mail and wore it for the first time yesterday. I love it!!!!

Thanks to the makeup and a good photographer (and maybe photoshop?)we look kind of good I's the best picture of the 2 of us since forever ago.

Sarita said...

Well Mother, you always look gorgeous.

And I dare say this might be better than the photo from your wedding announcements? At least your eyes are open this time.

Britten said...

Awww! It's my other parents!

Yes, I too love it when my parents get all warm and snoogly so I know it's good for my kids to see too. The other day when I was dropping off Andy at work Kaiya and her friend did the "girly giggle" when he and I kissed goodbye. It brought back memories. And I then I got all giggly inside.

Ah, amore!

beans said...

you're parents are just as cute and good looking as I remember them! Sarah, you take such good pictures. I still remember the one you took of Christina like forever ago in front of the Mickey Cox green scratched up I making that picture up?