Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm a little sick of single wards. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the ambiguity of a singles ward way more than being the yearly RS project of a family ward. Maybe it was the fact that I was sick, and my equilibrium was thrown off, and my decongestant got me all loopy, but sitting through church was an ordeal on Sunday. Actually, the talks were great, lessons as well, I think the height of my annoyance was the wait in the hall for another ward to clear out of a classroom.

......There I stood against the wall, partially due to the fact that the hallway was suffocatingly crowded as usual, and partially because I was afraid I would fall over. A very sweet, kind girl in the ward stood nearby and after speaking to some guy in the ward turns to me with this anguished look on her face, "He's soooo goodlooking, don't you think?" I replied with a polite yet unenthusiastic "yeah". "Have you ever noticed that all those guys are cute, like really cute?" referring to guy and his usual posse. Determined to put a stop to such talk in a crowded hallway, Amelia or myself, I can't remember who, made some comment about how they all are pretty short in comparison to us so never put much thought into it. And yet, she continues....."You know Sarah, I always thought you and (nondescript boy) would be really cute together, do you think he's cute?" Determined to remain indifferent as I am not a big fan of people I barely know delving into that stuff, even though I will sometimes tolerate it, I wasnt in the mood, "I guess?". (But I assure you I was very nice despite how it sounds here.)

And then she goes into it, "Because that one time you were talking to him and I came up and starting talking to him it looked like you were scowling at me....."

How does one respond to that? Number one because (to my knowledge) I don't believe I have ever scowled at someone in such a situation. Apparently I'm wrong. Although I haven't a clue as to when this alleged scowling may have occurred. So I answered in the only way I could, "Oh, sometimes I scowl for no reason at all. I really should work on that." She thought me strange or tired of my nonresponsive attitude (I was sick people) and turned to speak to someone else.

We then proceeded in bovine formation to the RS room. Where it took only 25 minutes to go over the announcements. Actually, RS has improved dramatically so I shouldn't complain.

The meeting finished and I sauntered outside to the parking lot. As I sought after my car, who came walking in my direction but the very same nondescript boy. He remarked that the Tootsie Roll Pop I had in my mouth (which I must admit I stole from a booth in the institute encouraging students to join the Spirit of Place club or organization that made no sense to me and in which I had no intention of joining but took the candy anyway) looked mighty good and that he would ask for a taste but that might be a little weird. I answered in the affirmative "You might be right". We made pleasant conversation and parted ways as he went off to speak to others. I made a fervent effort not to scowl, and was pretty successful if I do say so myself.

All in all, a pretty successful day if I do say so myself.


LuLuBelle said...

do you think that...

a) the inquisitive girl likes the boy, thinks you have enough claim on him to scowl at other would be admirers and wanted to clear the way for her to flirt unscowled at in the future, or

b) (think back to Jr high school)she was in a round about way asking you for *someone else* if you like the boy cuz maybe he likes you but is too intimidated by your height and beauty to approach you without some assurance that he would not be severly scowled at for his efforts.

Sarita said...

Dearest Mother,

While both these reasons are highly plausable, they still illustrate my growing disdain for the whole single's scene. And, for all blogging instensive purposes, I found my interpretation of the matter more entertaining. Some may disagree, but that's my take on it.

Thank you.

Your loving daughter,


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I hear you sister. You weather the singles ward scene with style and grace, if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

P.S. This anonymous comment is to verify that the above comment was made anonymously by Laura A. Webster.

Britten said...

Yes, this is exactly what I despised about the singles wards at BYU. Well, that along with a million other things like it. It's a wonder I even found Andy.

But that's hot...the guy asking for a taste of your candy. But only if *he's* hot. If not, then that is totally gross and I would have spit out my tootsie pop right then and there. And just given it to him to make him shut up. "Here. I think you need this."

Oh, wait....I'm doing it now, aren't I....