Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flickr Fun

It seems that I have found an excellent way to kill time at work, but now I'm done. Cross my heart.

Went to Olive Garden last night with Courtney and Adrienne since their friend was working his first day waiting tables. It was great fun. He brought us a scrumptous desert with 4 forks creatively arranged around it on the plate. "I know there are only 3 of you, but, well" as he kinda leaned back and admired his creation, "it just worked." I remarked on how pretty it looked, to which he replied, "A pretty desert for a pretty table. And the pretty ladies at it. Which would be you." He got a little flustered and walked away. Fun guy.

* anyone in my family or that might feel the urge to suggest that I should date cool waiter boy........he is MUCH younger than me, and about 5'4". It wasnt meant to be. I know how you people think. Like Mother telling me about friends son and his singleness and good job, and when I didnt respond all that positively, she said, "Just as well, I met him and really couldnt see you together" or something like that. Love you!*

I got to work today and noticed a sticky note I had left on my desk yesterday which read "Dave, 11:00 behind the subway, $." Cool, as I always wanted to be in the mafia.
Nevermind that I happened to meet with car insurance guy Dave yesterday at 11:00 at his office across the street from the Subway Sandwiches regarding a rate adjustment. A girl can dream can't she?

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