Friday, June 23, 2006

The Ditty Bops: We will ride under a black flag and the streets we'll call our empire

Last night I went to the best show ever! The Ditty Bops are just the cutest girls with the cutest sound and put on the cutest show. (I apologize, that's a whole lot of cute). Seriously. They have this great ragtime-ey style. It like an act straight from the days of vaudeville. Amanda plays the mandolin, washboard, train whistle, and a pretend saw and is quite the performer with all kinds of props and campy faces. Abby is soft spoken, just plays her guitar and sings. They both have the sweetest cleanest sounding voices, and were delightful. It was so interactive. They have a karaoke portion of the show where they get volunteers to sing the songs on stage. When they sing the song about shaking it like my sister Kate, Amanda gets off stage and dances with the audience. She linked arms with me and swung me round and round. It's just happy stuff that you cant help but like. I need more of that in my life. I encourage one and all to visit their website and check out some of their music.

And what's more.....they are doing a bicycle tour. Yes, touring the US by bicycle. Their tour manager transports the equipment by van but everyone else is on bike. They invite one and all to join them for any portion of the ride even if it's just to escort them out of the city.

I realize that I'm gushing at this point, but that's what I do. I gush about things that I like. Namely: the ditty bops, my family, disneyland, good photography, my nieces, and cute animals. I reserve the right to edit the above list at any time. Hey, I'm not as bad as the girl who cuts my hair. She visited a friend who had a new little bunny. When bunny hopped into the room, she bagan to cry, as she was taken aback by the cuteness.


Britten said...

Those ditty bops sound pretty cute! Hahah!

BTW, I LOVE the pictures you take, Sarah. You have a real eye and talent. I must show them to my dad...he will be intrigued!!!

Sorry I keep coming and going from blogland so much, busy job and life. I need to get on here more often though because I miss you all terribly! I do occasionally stop by to read and lurk, but just not comment...bad britten!

Sarita said...

Bad Britten indeed! But we understand...with a new baby and all.

I'm glad you like the pictures. Thanks! I'm learning a lot. If your father is indeed intriqued, than I would certainly be flattered.