Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Survey Says

Just in case anyone was wondering what would happen if you took Dad to Cafe Rio....let me put your mind at ease. He will most assuredly order in Spanish (that's a given) and then in no time at all, begin taking a poll from the employees concerning their viewpoint in regards to the immigration issues at hand. And start guessing what parts of Mexico they are from (and be surprisingly accurate), and drilling them on Mexican history. Only to have one dear lady laugh and ask if I spoke Spanish, as I sat there smiling the whole time, so she could tell me that my father knows more than she does about her country. It was entertaining to a fly on the wall of his conversations and actually understand what is being said.

In addition, according to Gracie, BYU is not located in Provo, UT but in Guatemala, or Las Vegas. And her favorite new toys are snails and dead worms. She found a dead worm and named him Wormy Squirmy. And according to Jess, got frustrated when she couldn't get a snail out of it's shell, and so fetched a butterknife from the kitchen to complete the job. And left the whole project in the kitchen sink. Sweet four year old dear.


Rachel said...

poor dear, you sound like such a maiden aunt when you call everyone a dear!

Sarita said...

Is that your diplomatic way of calling me an old maid? I'm on to your coded lingo Rach.

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Sarita said...

My very favorite was when he concluded by thanking this woman for her opinion and informing her that she could read her statements in tomorrows newspaper. Her reaction was priceless.

Rachel said...

What are you talking about? I am not calling you an old maid. I am saying you talk like one! (poor dear).