Monday, May 01, 2006

Adventures in Provoland

So, drove to Provo this weekend with Jess and kids and Courtney in tow as the kids were spending the night with their Grandma Lynn. And Courtney was helping Bob move. We decided to carpool (why in my unairconditioned car I know not). But it was fun. Jess got a much deserved break from reality as we left the kids with Grandma and went to spend some sisterly time, realized we had nothing to do in Provo, and so ate at Cafe Rio and wandered around aimlessly. It was fun. I later played with the new camera and will post some of that later. And drove home.

But seeing how Sarah is brilliant beyond measure, I get a call on Sunday morning informing me that I still had Gracie's carseat in lil Turbo and so Jess' sister in law could not drive them to SLC as planned. I got ready for church and sped off to Provo hoping to make it back on time for my ward. No such luck. But we did hang out with Courtney and Bob and lil fluffy Oliver. Good times Sandy style. And drove home.

Okay, so the above sounded pretty boring, but trust me, it was quite enjoyable. Good weather, fun people. I have long been in need of a lazy weekend and this was perfect. Despite the fact that in the end I missed church and tend to beat myself up about that. So we bought sodas at Sonic just to seal the deal (the deal being breaking the sabbath?).

Oh, and Courtney and I saw Akeelah and the Bee as we could not agree on anything else and she refused to pay full price for Stick It. While it was a touching sweet story, I think we both wished that we had opted for sassy gymnasts portrayed a la Bring it On.


Hobo said...

doesn't really go with the blog but i'll say it anyway. congrats on your new camera!! i remember you talking that up when i was out there... very exciting!

Jessica said...

awesome fun times!!

Rachel said...

How I miss Provoland. Someday we'll go on a jaunt there together, even though it might not be until we're taking our daughters to BYU.