Friday, April 21, 2006


All my troubles seemed so far away. Mainly because my friend was having a small crisis. I made her get out and eat some Cafe Rio with me, and luckily just found out that I get a paid half day for my birthday. So I took the afternoon off and we spent it together so she wouldn't over obsess over the matters at hand. Poor thing didn't want to do any of the things she normally would jump at so instead, we drove to the Jordan River temple to sit outside. Their we sat, on a lovely granite bench in a gardeny area conversing on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Wait, no, more like life, love, and God. We waxed philosophical at times, and at others, not so much. Like when she decided to be a human sun dial in order to figure out what time it was.

So there we sat, smiling at the sweet elderly couples and singles walking by. Some said hello, others nodded and smiled. One lady in particular stated that it was an excellent way to enjoy the sunny day, I responded "Yep" she then went on to say something that I didn't quite hear but finished with "the beauty of the gardens". I responded with another enthusiastic "Yep!". It wasn't until she was out of sight that what she had said fully registered. Sweet dear woman said "And you two just add to the beauty of the gardens..." and I said "Yep!"?

I'm afraid I have exposed myself as the most unabashedly conceited person in all of creation.

I knew this day would come, but so soon?

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