Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Fortune

As is want to happen, I got talked into going out for Chinese food yesterday despite my not being hungry and not wanting to spend money. But the excursion afforded me a little epiphany in regards to my aversion to the Chinese dining experience. See, while there are many off the wall, or generic fortunes to be had, my fortune cookies always seem to yield a fortune that seems perfectly fit for yours truly. Yesterday's was " Your striking characteristic is your imagination. Use it." For those who know me best, I do have a great imagination and have always preferred the imaginary world to my real one. Furthermore, I had a pretty extensive conversation or two the day before in regards to my imaginative and creative abilities.

This is why I have decided that the spirit speaks to me through means of Chinese fortune cookies. Others in the past have been similarly pointed to my personality or state of being at that time, although I can't remember exactly what they said. They obviously made a pretty intense impact. So either these fortunes and I have a pretty strong connection, I have this inherent ability to apply any and everything to me and my needs and am completely self centered, or I am the most generic person in the whole wide world.

PS....I passed another person driving while in full tooth brushing action this morning. Kinda scary. I wonder if this means anything? Like I am due a dental visit perhaps?

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Kim said...

i believe it. i have a testimony of fortune cookies. they always fit me or the situations i'm going through. of course.....maybe they fit all of us and all of our current situations....? i'll choose to believe they are little love notes from heaven.