Monday, April 03, 2006

A diet consisting of altoids, ice cream, diet coke, water, juice, oh and nyquil

So I got home from my road trip to Provo in the wee hours of the morning on Friday night/Saturday morning. Laura was asleep on my couch, and my throat was killing me. Yes, I had a little tickle earlier that was easily remedied by a mass consumption of Altoids, so it wasn't anything that was going to keep me from my plans. And boy am I glad, because when I walked into my mission reunion and had a camera placed around my neck and received the instructions that I was to document the evening, I was overjoyed. Well maybe just joyed. Or not.

So, it wasn't TERRIBLE, I conversed with a few people, took some pictures, and left to enjoy a good movie with good company.

Which caused the lateness of my getting home. Which is fine. Until I awoke suddenly because I was in pain and couldn't breathe. Seriously. What is wrong with me? I never used to get sick.

This weekend was spent watching conference between long periods of sleep and self medication. Doing better today, and if I can stop this infernal coughing, I just might make it through the day. I received one of those plastic things for under my desk so my chair actually rolls this morning. While attempting to place it, I'm pretty sure that I used up my physical exertion for the day, and impailed myself on the lovely spikey things that are designed to grip the carpet and NOT Sarah. I'm pretty sure.

On a positive note. The parts of conference that I was coherent for were pretty good. And good times with long lost Laura. It's a little crazy actually how normal it was given we haven't seen each other since 97. She's good people.


Manda said...

So sorry you're sick! But isn't Nyquil the best?

Sarita said...

Yes, it has become my dear dear friend. I just hate when it kicks in and I have trouble forming a complete sentence. It keeps others entertained though!

Manda said...

Have you tried Air Born? I found it to be quite helpful when I was feeling sick a few weeks back...