Friday, March 24, 2006

Unrequited Love

Yesterday, eating lunch at a new Cafe Rio with Courtney and Bob:
The Cafe Rio crew yelled FREE MEAL as they are known to do, but it was a little weak....

Bob: You can tell they are a new staff.....FREE MEAL! Free meal? free meal...and then the guy in the back of the huh? *sigh* damn.


Court: There is nothing quite as depressing as unrequited love.

Bob: Uh, no. No knees would be worse. Make that no knees OR elbows. Definitely more depressing.


And the dear Courtney for some reason was gushing about how great my dear parents are. That they are the most kind, unjudgemental, selfless people ever. How they embrace people, and take them into their home without a thought of their own inconvenience. That they take so much after my dear grandparents. And it's true. Thank you for the amazing example my cute cute parents.


christina said...

awww...I miss Courtney.

Thanks for stealing my best friend.


Sarita said...

Speak nothing of it. What are sisters for?

and she misses you too dear.

stace said...

I love your parents for all those reasons too-especially the selfish part. :).

Sarita said...

yeah, i really need to learn to PROOF READ my posts.

They love you too!

Kim said...

very cute sarah...nice of you to put that about your parents. i love them too...and would even if they WERE selfish.

Jessica said...