Friday, October 07, 2011

It's alive

In the spirit of I am, back from the dead. And much much much to catch up on. I mean, when did I last update you on my growing little boy? 4 months old? He's (don't make me say it) turning a year old next week. It kind of breaks my heart. That he is growing so fast and that I have failed (I'm a failure) at chronicling his first year a little better. But I am the comeback queen. In that I fail a lot and try try again. I miss blogging. I miss spewing my inner workings out into the great unknown (that sounded gross) and sometimes getting a response (I really like that part). I have struggled to get myself on a regular schedule since the most adorable baby on earth was born. I mean, ANY kind of schedule. Not just a new schedule. So, now that he is two days short of being one, I need to get me in order. For his sake. For the guy's sake. For MY sake. For goodness sake.

So, we recently moved into our own new little apartment. And by our own I mean we have stopped moving all over creation and taking tests and living at parent and other family's residences and are settling down a bit. Which did not keep me from frantically tearing through piles of clothes and a suitcase this morning in an effort to find SOMETHING suitable for work. We need to get a bed. That's not inflatable (though the air mattress has not been all that bad). I'm getting into my more permanent schedule at work. I am letting Joel take care of things at home so I can play with the kiddo and have some down time in the evenings....usually. Like photo editing. Like crafty making. And speaking of those things, I have really great ambitions to take more pictures. And post them here. It will happen.


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Jen said...

I'm glad you're alive!! You always make me smile. Plus now that I'll never see have to post. ;)