Thursday, November 04, 2010


Now that the baby is here and I am moved (well I moved myself and Baby, Joel and most of our belongings will be on the road by tomorrow) there is a little catching up to do. Firstly, how awesome our my friends and loved ones for throwing me thoughtful baby showers? I managed to grab a few pics of the fruits of darling Amber's efforts (who I hated saying goodbye to yesterday by the way), with help from Aunt Lisa and Annette. Seeing as how Kai is Hawaiian for Ocean and Joel is quite enamored with all things Hawaiian and surf centric, a vintagey surf motif seemed all too appropriate. And it was awesome.

Amber made these vases with the pages of a book on Hawaii from the 70's filled with maps of the islands that she found at Goodwill. You better believe that I kept them.

Say hi to Kirstie! Who I have to thank for recently seeing to it that my old Singer sewing machine that I snagged for $15 at Goodwill was in working order.

In addition to all this loveliness, the sweet boss lady arranged for a workplace shower that was great as well. After all she had already done for us. We love you Elizabeth.

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KirstieBirstie said...

Yay! I"m glad the sewing machine works and that you got a picture of my awesome turquoise nailpolish! Even though I am looking at you kind of creepily! I will miss you guys!