Friday, September 17, 2010

The Way I Am

I keep thinking that my midwife's name is Ingrid Michaelson. Like when one of the nurses asks me who I saw when she is printing out the sheet of paper with all the info that I never look at after my appointment, I actually say Ingrid Michaelson.

Her name does happen to be Ingrid. And her last name ends with a 'son'. But otherwise is nowhere close to Michaelson. But give me a break already. I'm huge. I can't be expected to remember people's actual names all the time.


I actually am super embarrassed every time I get it wrong.

But I do really like Ingrid Michaelson the singer. And Ingrid the midwife. But am pretty sure that they are not the same person.

And also, I really like this song. Even though the clowns are pretty creepy. And want to say thank you to The Guy for taking me the way I am. Always. And thinking that I am beautiful or cute or sexy as a big pregnant thing and when my hair looks awful and when I don't want to wear anything but frumpy underwear and probably do not smell too great because at this point, my little internal furnace is making me sweat at all times. And showering is a lot of work. And when I'm crazy and moody like I have been the last couple of days. And when I do embarrassing things like call my midwife by the wrong name. Or get lost in the doctor's office or walking across a parking lot or pretty much anywhere. And thinking I am adorable despite (or because of?) these things.

I love you.

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LuLuBelle said...

I'd say the man is a keeper. We all feel that way at 8 months pregnant. You will return to a normal person with normal body eventually. Loves.