Friday, November 20, 2009

The Happs


I am obsessed with crocheting. No matter that I redid the hat I have been obsessively wearing this week like, oh, 5 times.

May be even more obsessed with finding awesome crochet patterns. So many projects, so little yarn.

Obsessively think about wanting to learn to knit. I figure I should master the crochet a little more, but keep finding great knits that I just HAVE to make.

Grateful for a job that has a super slow season (plus job security) that allows me to crochet, pattern shop, and watch Hulu. (Seriously, this job is a God send).

Loving sweet old ladies at the temple who stop me, give me a warm hug, and just have to tell me that I have the most beautiful skin. That I look like an Old English Beauty. (I will take that).

Praying for a good and perhaps exciting job opportunity for Joel. You should too. If you so desire. And grateful for friends and family who provide good networking tools.

Loving my incredible cook of a husband. He cooks for me daily. And its always something innovative and delicious.

Thankful for a possible photo job opportunity in San Diego in a couple weeks. Nervous?

Excited for holidays: New gluten free Thanksgiving treats to try making, family in Seattle, and then family in Vegas for Christmas.

Glad that I got to see Jess the other week. And love the seeded bread she left me.

Constantly scheming in regards to working out and cleaning. Mostly scheming.


LuLuBelle said...

I love it when you blog...reading it on stolen time so this is all I can comment.
hugs and kisses!

breena rae said...

welcome to the crochet club :)
I am working on my second ugly blanket.
Keep up the good work.

Chad Brummett said...

blog walking