Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Sands of Tibet

Joel is always finding cool little places for us to visit. Like this sand art demonstration being done by Tibetan monks at this great store that carries incredible imports from all over called Cargo.

This particular Tibetan monk was just showing me the glittery bouncy ball he had been bouncing. It has an (fake) eyeball inside and lights up when it bounces.


andrea said...

isn't cargo the cat's pajamas? I love that place. so much. tell your sister in AZ I said hello. :)


Michelle Walker said...

That is SO cool. We lived in Wilsonville, just south of Portland for about a year, and there was SO much we didn't get to do/see. Have you guys gotten elephant ears at the beach yet? Thanks for posting a link to Letters, too!

Sarita said...

Yes, Cargo is, in fact, the cat's pajamas.

I had no idea that you guys lived out here Michelle. Such a great city. I love love love Letters and no elephant ears for this gluten intolerant girl :(.

The Wi Family said...

You guys are so good at exploring!