Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Everyday I write the book


I was noting how in tune my husband is. How he knows what I am thinking and feeling right away. Knows what I am craving (not pregnant), and not only with me, but with most people in his life. He is in tune.

In short, Joel "reads me like a book".

Joel responded, "Yeah except sometimes when the book is written in Farsi".

In other news, yesterday, I ended up only working for an hour or so, so surprise! I got my first non Sunday day off in.....awhile. So we celebrated the day of Labor by not laboring. Joel and I got to meander around the art festival taking place in the Pearl District (possibly my favorite district of all time). Talked to artists whose art we admired and promised them we would buy some if only we had money. We also fantasized of retiring someday and making our own art and boothing it at some great art fairs for a couple months out of the year. Or doing that now. You know, whatevs. We also watched a demo on printmaking for some time that was fascinating. And Joel even got called on to rotate the wheel thinger that moved the press. Three whole times. He was giddy (k, not so much because he doesn't like being called on, but giddy to participate I'm sure). We then meandered to an art store and a super cool import place with super cool items from the Asian continent. And lots with faces that are scary to crazy people like me.

And then we caught a matinee of the best alien movie ever, which I clutched Joel's arm through the bulk of. And hit him several times. And closed my eyes. And when Joel asked me what I thought when it was over I responded with wide eyes "It was AWESOME."

We finished up the evening with a little impromptu BBQ at Uncle Lee and Aunt Lisa's. Good times.

It was the real weekend that I've been needing.


LuLuBelle said...

scary movies and BBQ. Remember Arachnophobia?

Sarita said...

I so remember Arachnophobia. For some reason we were laying on blankets on the floor by the fireplace and jumping every few minutes. I loved our movie nights.