Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures in Primary-ing

As of this past Sunday, Joel and I are officially Sunday School Primary teachers. Meaning we get to teach the eight year olds every Sunday. I have had nothing to do with primary since my graduation at age 12. Joel, on the other hand was used in Primary quite a bit following his mission. In fact, they called him the bouncer and put him with the problem classes that no one else could handle. So he's pretty much a professional.

Our inaugural Sunday included:

A Primary Program rehearsal
2 boys that couldn't stop talking and tried really hard to raise their hands to tell us
-that they have a really big house, that is practically a mansion, but isn't really a mansion, but kinda is
-that they have 27 ties
-that they like Joel's tie
-ask if I made my earrings
-note that Joel was wearing a pink shirt
-bet Joel $20 that they had more than one tie
-tell us that he drew the picture of a painting of Adam and Eve Joel was showing them (next up, honesty)
We talked about families and temples and being able to go there and be with our families forever, and then came the drawing of temples.

Matt was kind enough to inform us that his temple had really tall doors so that NBA players can go there too.

During Sharing time whilst they were practicing songs for their program in a couple weeks they:
-kept looking over at Joel's sleeves to his dress shirt which he had pushed up to his elbows
-kept pushing up their shirt sleeves to look like Joel's

There were also 2 soft spoken darling girls and one such boy as well.

We also got to hang out with Joel's 10 year old cousin in Sharing time. Matt, in our class is Joel's cousin's cousin (which really blew their minds) who will be in our class come January. He's only 20+ years older than them. Not confusing at all.

So far, liking Primary.


Joel said...
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Joel said...

Issac also bet me 5 dollars that he loves his mom. It was one of the first things that he said to me.

Pat & Nic Holloway said...

I teach the sunbeams and two weeks ago was my first lesson where I taught them about friendship - at the end of the lesson I told them how glad I am that we can be friends, which one little boy quickly shot back with "you're not my friend!" - ha! I did get him to agree to getting to know me and then maybe we could be friends. Oh Primary!

LuLuBelle said...

sometimes you learn a LOT about a family whilst teaching the youngsters. once a girl told me in great detail about a fight between her mom and dad. The mom won apparently and the dad had to leave the dinner table and go to his room for not behaving nicely. I never saw them the same after that. Of course you can't believe everything the kids tell you.

Felicia -Joseph said...

Love it. We're 8 year old primary teachers as well. It's an adventure every week!

stace said...

funny funny...those are some pretty good bets!