Wednesday, July 29, 2009

H to the P, Sirius to the Black

A rap written by my 18 yr old sister in law....for your's truly....we share an affection for Sirius Black....

Let me tell you 'bout a guy named Sirius Black
He got in Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat
He comes from a long line of Slytherin
Where the dark arts made their souls go a withering

Now Sirius is a pretty swell guy
He mentored Harry when his parents died
Although he did go to Azkaban
He came out alive, and is still my man

He got killed by his cuz Bellatrix Lestrange
She's super crazy, just look at her name
I laughed when she died, because of Ron and Fred's Mom
I love Sirius Black, This is the end of my song



breena rae said...

it's brilliant.
hey, where can I look at some of your beautiful wedding pictures?

Sarita said...

you asked, and I delivered.