Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm sick. Which doesnt help in the assembly of wedding announcements/mass mailing department. But oh well.

Know what else is sick? As in awesome? Leslie and the LY's. I had the pleasure of seeing her live in my gemmed sweater this past saturday. She's got a plethora of outrageous jams from the midwest. But this one reminded me of Britten. So this one is for you.

(Really long strange intro, so if you's want to skip it, start the music at 2:05).

Strange? Very. Strangely awesome. Very much so.

A once in a lifetime experience. And I love her love for the gemmed sweater.


jaime said...

I'm really sorry I missed that performance!! Amazing!

The Wi Family said...

I couldn't see the video so I'll check back later--but I'm so sorry you've been sick!! Joel says the announcements look great, can't wait to see them. Hope you're feeling better!!!

breena rae said...

sarah, i love your new facelift on your happy and cheerful.

Ms. White said...

abby and I are in love with your wedding announcement! thank you for sending one to NYC!