Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My dapper valentine

V day was spectacular. Breakfast, lazy movies inside, a nap, and delicious food at Tin Angel Cafe. A quirky, quaint, little place with eccentric art, live local acoustic artists, and gourmet food. I wouldn't expect less from Mister Mellor. Nor should you. Their Spanish Pork Loin was divine. And the risotto cake, and cured beef with parmesan. And Joel's buffalo shank. I highly recommend this place.
Joel did good. A rose and bvlgari perfume. In the infamous words of Miss Amy Howell, "he did good, I'm glad we decided to keep him".
And the hat! We almost looked like we had stepped out of another era (without looking ridiculous.....I think). But seriously, he looks good in the hat.

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LuLuBelle said...

What a nice guy. I think he's a keeper. I like the photo.