Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freezing my butt off (via gchat)

me:how are the kiddos?
Rachel: they're good
I am freezing my butt off
which happens anytime I sit still
me: well dont freeze it all the way off
isnt it funny how you can work your butt off, freeze your butt off, sweat your butt off, laugh your butt off (some of these sound better with ass by the way)
it is the result/consequence of so many different things
Rachel: true
and yet it is always still there!
me: amazing!
a christmas miracle even, that I still have this butt of mine

............but sometimes i wish i could freeze/laugh/work it just a little bit off..........
Rachel: Not me

Just up.


Potcherboy said...

To Rachel. . . .
I like your butt and I cannot lie. . .

Jen said...

That is so stinkin funny

jaime said...

This reminds of the book we just read for book club called JPod. They had some random conversations too.

Also, I prefer ass to butt....I think it's more PC.

Britten said...

Awesome. Up or off, I will take either one.

p.s. I like ass better too.

breena rae said...

ok, first of all, congratulations on the the new title "fiance". He looks like a great guy. I heard from my mom who heard from Britten who heard from your sister...aka, the grapevine.