Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Witching Hour

What is it about 4:30 that makes it impossible for me to uh, work. I mean I have plenty of ambition at that time to do things like search for people to chat with, reapply lip gloss, stare out my window at the sunset, think about what I'm going to eat for dinner, or sit with a blank stare switching between tabs on my computer refreshing facebook and my email with a hope beyond all other hopes that something new and exciting will appear. But to no avail. I think that 4:30 is when work should end. Or my brain does, because all working functions shut down and it goes into play/sleep mode. One or the other. Sometimes both.

Funny thing is, if for some reason I am stuck at work late, my mind still goes absent at that time. But as soon at it hits 5-5:30 I become a production machine once again. Which sometimes results in me leaving later because I'm on a role and cant break my streak.

Yeah, just took a break from blogging to check the facebook. Nothing has changed. My eyes are burning from looking at this computer screen. I would go to the lady's room or get a drink but these shoes that I inadvertently wore today are committing murder on my feet so I am avoiding walking anywhere at all costs and dreading the march to clock out and leave the building as I will probably be walking as if I am saddle sore or at least like a dude in heels.

Well, I can't focus on blogging anymore, must look at $8 glasses I can order online so I can have a different pair to wear everyday next month. For exactly 11 minutes.


LuLuBelle said...

I agree about 4:30, work should just end then but then would 4:00 become the witching hour? I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
try putting tape on the sore spots, duct tape works best but if you don't have any duct tape at your desk (you should) then what ever tape you have works. don't do this on open blisters.

christina said...

tomorrow i will call you at 4:30 precisely.

Robert said...

That NEVER happens to me, I think you are being extremely lazy :o) !!

Robert said...

Oops that was your cuz Tara, not Robert!

Robert said...
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