Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rose colored glasses

As I look out my wall of huge office windows in my very own office (I've so made it people) at the gorgeous view of snow topped mountains peaking over the top of the backs of industrial buildings (this is my view...) I realize how lucky I am. For the following reasons.

See, I love my new job, and not so much in the Sarah has a good attitude sorta way and will make the best of a situation for as long as she can......but in an actually enjoying my job sort of way. The only reason I dread work now is because I don't want to get out of bed. But once I make that happen, I am more or less golden. I fully expect the honeymoon period to exhaust at some point in time, but I'm thinking the overall feeling that will remain will be contentment.

Plus, I get to deal with all sorts of awesome people like the guy that came in for his group session as I was leaving late last night. He passed me in the hall as he looked me up and down and said with exaggeration that I sorta wish I was feigning "Weeelllllll Hellllloooooo theeeeere." It made me smile, and I only laughed when I was safely out of ear range.

I also have wonderful people in my life. Like that mister that does nice things for me all the time and likes it when I snuggle up to him. He's alright. And the other people who eat frozen pizza with me and are good friends, and tell me when things are on their mind so we can work it out. I love that. And super family that loves me for me even when they don't always agree with me. I feel like I have the most patient people in my life. And that's some kind of awesome.

And to boot, the guy at the gas station who only charges me for a refill when he knows fully well that I got a new cup. And tells me that scary details about his life sometimes and gives me free suckers. It's sorta like going to the doctors office I guess. Or the bank. The sucker part anyhow.

Its all about the simple things people. In fact, gas station guy and I discussed that this morning. How sometimes more of what we think we want just complicates things and we don't realize how little we need as long as they are the right things. Sometimes he philosophies with me and sometimes he offers me free soda if I promise to wash his car later in my bikini. Little does he know that I don't even OWN a bikini. So jokes on him. (Don't think I would sell my soul for diet coke, I'm not that far gone).

I just feel like the past year has been filled with a lot of uncertainty and I'm having one of those clarifying moments. The ones where you feel like you've actually reached the light at the end of the tunnel. I have a ways to go in catching up on certain things. For example, someone could really clean my room for me and I wouldn't complain. But otherwise, things are feeling more or less peachy. And I am excited for what the future holds.

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Jen said...

you are so cute Sara, I wish you were around here more :) we are very blessed arent we. I love how you can put it all so well without sounding "seriously so blessed"