Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nina, Pretty Ballerina

She is the queen of the dancing floor. This is the moment she's waited for.......just like cinderella. Just like cin....der...elllll......aaaa......

Happy Birthday Neeners. I love you much. The following things I adore about my little sister.....

1) Her great wit and dry sense of humor
2) She's a sassy one. Her feisty little stature could take her statuesque sister in any sport anytime. She knows how to be aggressive. (And in younger years I could have showed you the bite and claw marks to prove it).
3) She's smart that Nina.
4) A beautiful wife and mother that takes good care of her family. I've been amazed in these past years as I've watched these new developments in her life and watched how she takes them on so courageously. And doesnt bite or claw them to my knowledge.
5) She loves me, which is a feat in of itself. But having my little sister by my side to share my stories with and to make me laugh has been something of an invaluable asset in my life.
6) She is quirky in all the right ways.
7) The fact that the girl who couldn't muster the strength to make more than ramen noodles or toast. Or sometimes macaroni.....can now out cook me any day. And in the most healthy manner possible. But dont let her fool you, her favorite treat used to be gas station delights such as Hot Fries.
8) That such a petite thing could somehow manage to take up an entire bed no matter how much you push her over (seriously Matthew, how do you manage?).

The list goes on, but basically I love you. Happy Birthday.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Nina!!

LuLuBelle said...

I wuv you too.

christina said...

thanks, bear.

(i thought i commented on this, but apparently i didn't.)