Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I live for the weekend

View from Ensign Peak, actually was on Monday, but considering that I work my own hours at a part time job now, its really par for the course.
Also, the zebra is always my favorite on the carousel.

Bike rides to the farmers market, a street fair, gawking at expensive photo equipment, and riding through the park may result in 2 flat tires. At separate occasions. Its good times. Also may result in delicious eggplant for dinner.

Despite his best efforts, Joel could not avoid the camera. Not so hard to crop out that finger you showed me buddy.

And I think he took this picture because I do not recall this tree.


LuLuBelle said...

Did you use a telephoto lens for the pic of the mannequin?
I want to go to a farmer's market!!

christina said...

HA! Good one, mom.

Ems said...

I love your photos from the last few posts, you should post more!

Britten said...

Hi. It's me, blogging again.

Love the photos. Love and miss you and your family.