Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sob Story

My office is freezing.
I have a headache.
And record breaking cramps (not sure how you measure the pain of cramps in order to determine that they are actually record breaking, but lets just say they are).
My office is a refrigerator (just caught myself cuddling up to a stack of newly copied demands so I could partake of their warmth).
I already mentioned that the office was freezing in the first line, but I forgot.
And I have been sick to my stomach since dinner last night.

I just want to go home, go to bed, and be cuddled.

Also, if you really want to creep me out and maybe have me never speak to you again, get me one of these.

Do I sound sufficiently pathetic yet?


Jessica said...


a s h o l i n a said...

I don't think you do at all. ;) My office is constantly at around 65 degrees F. My tpying speed has signatificantly decreased and I hope my waistline has too... can they freeze that off instead of using a lazer or sweat? :)