Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nobody's got their crap in a pile

To quote the infamous words of one Francie Pants. Frances, Sallee reminds me of this often, and it brings me solace. Meaning folks, that no matter who we look at in our lives who seems to have it all together, nobody actually does. They may be at a high point of getting it together but I think it's the nature of this life to throw you curve balls, and then we all scramble to gather our crap back into its neat little pile once again. And while we might all covet another's pile of crap from time to time (I wouldnt mind mine consisting of legos), each pile is unique and I like to believe contains that which we each individually need to deal with at that time.

This is something I think about often. Because, I, like the rest of you, wonder at times what I am doing with my life. Wonder if my efforts to progress are just futile. The thing is, as much as there are things that I would like to change and be better in control of, I am not unhappy with my situation. The world is my oyster so to speak, and the possibilities endless. True, I haven't had a car since December of last year (which is something I wouldn't have imagined at my ripe old age of 28) but I am relishing the fact that certain things that I once thought necessary for normal life (either subconsciously or otherwise) now seem more expendable. I focus more on the simple things. The value of relationships and surrounding myself with positive influences. I love that I have lived in a house with no television reception for over a year. These are small superficial things, but I think have made a big difference in my personal perspective. And not that I will be one of those who wont allow a television in her home, or will refuse to ever own another car (that's just silly), but knowing that I can go without and be perfectly happy and content with my situation means an awful lot to me. I am grateful to have come from a family that not only cares for my well being and situation in life, but has had a history of an entrepreneurial spirit. One that will support me in whatever I plan to do.

Sweet sister Rachel called me from the south yesterday to let me know she was sending me a book that she thought might help me realize some of my photographic dreams. In a round about way. Thanks Rach. That was touching to say the least. I marvel at the people in my life constantly striving to move in new directions. Expanding their surroundings and perspective. It is inspirational, and keeps me dreaming.

It's true that sometimes I need to be way more proactive. And that's what I should be working on now. In the meantime I will blissfully continue gathering my crap into a pile. At my pace. Whistling while I work.

ps.....this may go without saying, but dont google images of crap in a pile. just dont.


frances said...

omg! i think this might be the first time i have been quoted on a blog! hurrah! thanks, sarita. and, it's true. we are on constantly re-piling our crap. or, as my dad says, "getting our s*&% wired shut." but that's just not appropriate for a family-style blog like this one, now is it?

Joel said...

....So we put it in the comments Frances....cause no one will read it there....sure....that makes sense......

Rachel said...

thanks for the warning. You stopped me just in time!!!